Private Investigation Bear River City

Date: 09/19/2015
location: private residential in Bear River City
Time: 9pm - 1am

Bear River City is a historical city where its original settlers experienced many hardaces including devistatingly harsh weather and deadly run-ins with native americans. Could spirits of these original settlers be causing this unexplainable events inside this home?

Private Investigations

Date: 01/10/2015
location: private residential
Time: 2 day investigation

A concerned client has been experiencing paranormal activity in their home. We have been called out to help validate their claims and move on any lost souls we encounter.

Brigham City Train Depot

Date: 09/21/2012
location: Brigham City, UT
Time: 8-12

The Brigham City Depot was built in 1907 and served its patrons until 1994. It now stands as a free-to-visit museum protected by the Golden Spike Association. But not all of the depot's history resides on bookshelves and showcases, some still roam the halls waiting for the next train to take them away.

Benson Grist Mill

Date: 09/14/2012
location: Tooele, UT
Time: 9pm-1am

The Benson Grist Mill erected in 1854 employed hundreds of settlers and provided pioneers with wheat and corn for generations. But when the building closed in the 1940s perhaps not all the workers got the memo. Reports of ghostly figures staring out the windows of the old mill has sparked our attention. We headed west to explore this historic location. Click here to see what we found!

Whittier Community Center

Date: 06/09/2012
location: Logan, UT
Time: 9pm-1am

The Whittier Community Center in Logan, Utah is said to still be visited by past principals. We strap on our backpacks, pack a lunch and go off to investigate this location with hopes that nobody gets sent to detention!

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Leslie Family Tree Restaurant

Date: 06/02/2012
location: Santaquin, UT
Time: 9pm-3am

We visit this location because of talks of Native American curses, shadow figures and demonic entities. Will we come face-to-face with these evil spirits? Click here to find out!

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UPR guests on Jim Harold's Campfire

We join Jim Harold to share EVP and talk about our experiences researching the paranormal in Utah.

Click here to listen to the podcast

Baron Mill

Date: 02/18/2012
location: Brigham City, Utah
Time: 8pm-3am

The Baron Mill reports to be haunted by many spirits including a crying woman and two children. UPR travels to Brigham City to try to help document and help these trapt souls.

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