Date: 02/18/2012 location: Brigham City, UT Time: 8pm-3am
Baron Mill



The Mill was established by Lorenzo Snow, then the president of the LDS church. Snow ventured north from Salt lake to form the Brigham City Mercantile and Manufacturing Association, which was commonly known as the Brigham City Co-op

The Mill provided many in the community with jobs, often employing entire families. From small children who would work to keep the machines clean and free from jamming to the elderly who would sew the blankets.

By 1877, the mill had 200 spindles and seven looms and was producing $42,000 worth of wool in 44 weeks.

It would later burn down, only to be rebuilt, burn again and rise once more. By the early 30s the Mill had become one of the largest direct sales forces in the United States, managing the efforts of some 700 people.

The Mill however could not keep up and with the cheap production of imports, forcing the Mill to close in 1997. The mill has since deteriorated and although it has sat abandoned for less than 20 years the overall feel makes it seem to have been vacant for a lot longer.


The building has a few Ghost stories.

The Children

There are claims of two children that roam the main floor and the outside. One being a girl the other a boy. The claim is that the boy was killed in a tragic accident involving one of the large machines. It was custom back then for children to work in the mills and due to the boys size, it would have been considerably easier for him to crawl under the large spindle than that of an adult. It was his job to ensure that no wool would clog or jam the machine, unfortunately this resulted in the accident . As with other children who worked at mills in the time period he was crushed to death. It is that he never moved on and that the little girl was his best friend who too worked at the Mill.

The Tall Man

He is reported to be an old employee of the mill. He was given the moniker due to his overall appearance in height. He has been seen towards the back of the building. Often hanging around the back stairs and lower levels in the back of the building.

The Crying Woman

The woman resides solely upstairs. Again she like the tall man was an employee of the mill and worked the sewing machines. Previous groups have claimed to capture sobbing during EVP sessions and several sightings of her have been claimed as well.

Phantom Footsteps

Teams and visitors have all claimed to hear footsteps throughout the building. Often the sound of walking is heard above people on the main floor with no one else present. The stairs have also had a lot of activity.

Holding of Hands and touching

Several members of the Wasatch Paranormal team claim to have had their hands held by an entity or have been physically touched. Baron Mill was featured on My Ghost Stories season 4 episode 1.


The Mill has no power and no running water. It is also what you would imagine an abandoned building to look like. The investigation would be the first time that our team would partner with another Paranormal group. In this case WPI (Wasatch Paranormal Investigation) who holds stake to the building joined us as guides and fellow investigators.

Jared’s group was the first to arrive at the Mill. While using the bathroom in bushes near the building, they heard a loud crash inside the building followed by a woman’s voice. WPI has heard this noise as well, but the source remains a mystery. Brad’s group and Dave arrived shortly after, and per usual, Dave wandered off into the snow to map out the area while Brad took some photos. Next to arrive was Wendy and her group. Wendy, braving the storm, dosed up on painkillers due to a bad back.

After introducing ourselves to the three WPI members we split off into three teams. Brad would lead team A. Jared would lead team B and Dave team C. The team would as usual rotate locations with one team in the mill another in the storage housing and the last in the shearing area. The night was to be the coldest one to date and WPI knowing the location brought a heater which they so kindly shared.

Team A    Brad, Ashley, Jessica, Jordan and WPI member
Team B    Jared, Steven, Jordan and guests Travis, Chris and a female WPI
Team C    Dave, Wendy and guests Lisa, Trisha, Sylar and WPI member Russell

Test and Activities Performed

EVP sessions, Knock Tests and EMF tests


Stationary IR Camera, EMF and Temperature readings


The Mill is a terrific venue for an investigation. With its rich history there is no wonder that stories resonate from this location. Although there have been countless stories, we cannot claim that the place is haunted at this time. We had one great EVP outside, but other than that the place was fairly quiet. Brad’s group experienced a door that appeared to close on command, but could have been caused by the wind. Jordan, walking around the place on his own, experienced footsteps follow behind him going up the stairs.

Further investigation is required to verify the unexplainable occurrences here.We will wait patiently for our next visit.


Listening to EVPs with headphones is recommended.

When Travis asks what this place smelled like, the answer is quite funny, seeing we were at the WOOLen Mill

Pictures taken at the Baron Mill