Date: location: Brigham City, UT Time:
Baron Mill




I wasn’t myself at this investigation. My back was out, and I was in a bunch of pain, plus it was snowing, and no was downright cold.

I didn’t really have any experiences except in the “Shelving Room” I sat in a chair that was reportedly one of the entities, and as I was sitting, I felt like someone sat on me, and it was hard for me to breathe.

Also Lisa was standing next to me in the same shelving area, and all the sudden hauled off and smacked me hard with her arm, and she said “oh my hell, I just smacked you! Then the guy from CV said “did you just get manipulated”? and Lisa said she must have, because she never would have hit me that hard.


IT WAS COLD!! I had fun, but man it was cold. I had only one good experience, which was an EVP heard outside. The voice captured on audio sounds like guest investigator Travis saying “Over here!” in a sort of rising intonation. The EVP was heard with bare ears, and was confirmed through audio recording that there indeed was a voice. Other than that, the night was quiet.


The Mill is an awesome location. The old equipment and the overall run down condition of the mill make the venue ten times creepier. However thats where the creepy ends and the coldness begins.

The night had very little impact which could have been due to how cold it was . Most of the night was spent for me being more concerned about my toes falling off than that off what was happening around me.


Yep, it was cold. Beautiful building but besides that it was a pretty uneventful night. We tried reading a child’s book in hopes to communicate with some of the children spirits known to haunt the mill. I did capture a class c evp during this time.