Date: 09/14/2012 location: Tooele, UT Time: 9pm-1am
Benson Grist Mill

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The Benson Grist Mill erected in 1854 by LDS apostle Ezra Taft Benson. Ezra was ordered by then President Brigham Young to construct a Grist mill to serve the new pioneers and settlements in the Tooele area.

Located in the northern Tooele Valley beside a spring-fed pond, the Benson Grist Mill was made of rock and wood by skilled Pioneers. Their work is still clearly visible today in the hand-crafted wooden pegs that have been pounded into it massive wood beams.

From 1854 to the mid-1940s the mill processed wheat and corn by the ton. The mill would be left vacant for 40 plus years before an ambitious committee of volunteers began the hard job of restoring it to its prime. Today the mill stands in its full glory as a testament to the years gone by..



Woman in White

Patrons and passerby have seen a white figure staring out the windows of the Benson Grist Mill.


Team A.  Brad, Dave
Team B   Jared, Steven
Team C   Wendy, Jen
Jordan D. accompanied Team A & Team B

We split into three groups in order to investigate this massive area, switching spots every hour. Our main focus was on the Benson Grist Mill as it had the most reports of paranormal activity. We also investigated the surrounding cabins including the Loom room, Boothe cabin, Pearson cabin and the wool pullery ruins. We focused on finding out if the hauntings here are intelligent or residual due to many of the cabins and artifacts being brought in from other locations it is possible that a spirit attached itself to its home or possession and was moved to Benson Grist Mill.

Tests and Activities Performed.

EVP session, Knock responses,EMF session and Spirit Box

Set Ups

Stationary IR Cameras, Laser Grids, EMF and Temperature readings



We found the following audio to be unexplained.

The Loom room houses many antiques. During a spiritbox session Dave and Brad try to find out if any of these antiques are what is causing paranormal activity. We ask for the spirits to say "stop" when we walk by an object that belongs to them. We get this response coming through the spiritbox.
During a EVP session in the Benson Grist Mill's second floor Dave and Brad are trying to communicate with any spirits that may be haunting this building. In an effort to catch spirits on a camera Brad asks for anyone to run down the hall. Our recorder captured this EVP saying "try to run." This audio clip has been amplified so you can hear the EVP easier.

Pictures taken at the Benson Grist Mill