Date: 09/14/2012 location: Tooele, UT Time: 9pm-1am
Benson Grist Mill Experiences




What a great place! It is a beautiful setting and one that made me so thankful I was born in the 19th Century! Jenn and I were a team on this one. Our first location was the Loom room, (which this loom had been disassembled, and moved from the Baron Woolen Mill in Brigham City, that we have also investigated, so that was a cool link). We immediately started hearing voices, and getting knocking responses to our questions. Jenn asked if she could take their picture and it responded with one knock, which is our “yes” response, so she snapped pic’s and low and behold, in one of her shots, we think she may have caught something. (still being determined)

We were able to do sessions in quite a few buildings, and this was exciting. But the loom room was the most active for us. I think this location needs to be revisited after midnight, when traffic slows down some. There was so much history there, that I’m sure, we missed a lot, due to road noise.


The Benson Grist Mill was a great investigation. We were able to conduct all the tests we needed to perform to see if this location was/is truely haunted. The team worked smoothely and professionally and did a great job knowing the history of this location. We caught some intersting results that makes me want to do a follow up location. Many thanks to the staff of Benson Grist Mill.