location: Tooele, UT
Benson Grist Mill EVPs


Audio Clips

EVPs taken on 09-14-12

These evps were captured on 09-14-12 by UPR

The Loom room houses many antiques. During a spiritbox session Dave and Brad try to find out if any of these antiques are what is causing paranormal activity. We ask for the spirits to say "stop" when we walk by an object that belongs to them. We get this response coming through the spiritbox.
During a EVP session in the Benson Grist Mill's second floor Dave and Brad are trying to communicate with any spirits that may be haunting this building. In an effort to catch spirits on a camera Brad asks for anyone to run down the hall. Our recorder captured this EVP saying "try to run." This audio clip has been amplified so you can hear the EVP easier.