Date: 09/21/2012 location: Brigham City, UT Time: 8pm-12am
Brigham City Depot

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The Oregon Short Line Company was established in 1878 to provide the Union Pacific Railroad access to the Pacific Northwest. The company announced in 1906 that it would construct a modern new depot in Brigham City. The depot was completed and opened to the public on May 19, 1907.

Over the years, this depot served thousands of train passengers. In 1891, the number of passengers leaving Brigham City by train each month had averaged 500 to 600. By 1926, an Oregon Short Line schedule listed 13 daily departures from Brigham City.

Brigham was on the Union Pacific main line and handled small railway express packages and large shipments of coal from Helper and Price with 50 tons of coal per car.

Locally grown produce, including peaches, tomatoes, cherries, apricots, watermelons and cantaloups, went out by rail. The Knudson Brothers located their fruit packing and storage business within easy access of the railroad, directly south and east of the depot. A short spur track ran in front of the Kundson Brothers building for loading freight. A cannery was loated on the west side of the tracks, directly north of the depot, so that canned fuit could be readily located onto freight trains.

Mail service was another important feature on the trains. Mail bags and parcels from the local post office were picked up at the depot and taken to postal cars. Local residents remember taking mail directly to the mail box at the depot to get it out quickly.

During World War II, rail use increased. Servicemen were transported to and from assignments, and the wounded were brought to Brigham City's Bushnell Military Hospital for treatment. Freight, including military and medical supplies and coal to heat the facility, were taken to Bushnell. A spur track was built for direct access to the hospital.

In February 1994, the depot was deeded to the Golden Spike Association of Box Elder County for restoring the building as an educational center for railroad history.

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As soon as we pulled up to investigate this location we were approached by passersby telling us of their haunted experiences with this building. After talking with a few residence of Brigham City and employees of the depot it became apparent how many people have had paranormal experiences at this location. Although all their encounters were unique there was one common occurrence, they all mentioned seeing a man in black.

Man in Black

Described as being friendly and dressed in period attire this man in black is known to roam around the train depot.


Team A.  Jared, Dave
Team B   Jordan, Brad

We arrived at the Brigham City Depot with plenty of time before the sun went down. We quickly got to work interviewing the train depot caretaker, taking photos and initial readings. When things quieted down outside we started conducting our investigation. Because the train depot is so small we only brought four investigators: Jared, Dave, Jordan and Brad. We split into two groups for the night taking turns investigating the outside train carts and the train station. We would meet up for group sessions as well.

The night was decently active. We experienced possible knocking responses, EVP, responses to yes/no questions via a human pendulum experiment but the most shocking proof was Dave sensing a presence of a man named Thomas Harper.

Dave is sensitive to the paranormal and has been able to communicate with the dead before. He decides to open himself up on this investigation. When he does he feels a female presence come forward, getting the name Andrea and an approximate age of 20. As quickly as he feels this presence another entity comes forward. Dave describes this spirit as being fatherly and as if standing in front of the female presence tells Dave that their communication with each other is over. Dave picks up two important pieces of information. One that this person was a LDS bishop and two his name is Thomas. Dave then confronts the presence saying that they have no power over him. At that exact time Dave’s camera becomes scorching hot, turns on and the screen freezes.

At this time, Dave and Jared decide to talk to our host and see if she could dig up on any information about these entities. Because of an EVP Jared heard earlier that night they give her the name Thomas Harper. The host quickly finds out that Thomas harper was a prominent figure in 1856, bishop and helping to build Harper Ward an unincorporated community in Box Elder County. We spent the rest of the night trying to communicate with these entities and help them move on.

Tests and Activities Performed.

EVP session, Knock responses,EMF sweeps, Video recordings and Spirit Box

Set Ups

Stationary IR Cameras, Laser Grids, EMF and Temperature readings



We found the following audio to be unexplained.

Dave asks for a knock in response to a question. We captured this knocking sound.
Brad asks for the door to be closed. Very quietly you can hear "OK". - you need to wear headphones to hear this one.
Dave asks, "prove to us your existance". Very softly we hear a "I can't" - you need to wear headphones to hear this one.

Pictures taken at the Brigham City Depot