Date: 12/22/2011 location: Lehi, UT Time: 7pm-12pm
The Hutchings Museum


The Hutchings Museum has been housed in the historical Lehi Memorial Building since 1996. The memorial building was built in 1921 and served as a libary, city offices, courthouse, police and fire departments, and a place for political gatherings and civic meetings. The jail itself was in active use until the 1980's.

Today it houses an impressive collection of artifacts and natural specimans, many of which belonged and were donated by John Hutchings.

John, who the museum is named after was born on March 11th 1889. He married Eunice Colledge in 1913 and two began a lifelong love of collecting historical and cultural items. In 1956 to preserve his vast collection he donated it to the children of Lehi. He eventually passed away in 1977 but his name lives on within the community. The Museum feature hands on displays for all ages and has become a popular field trip for schools and daycares.


Some accounts claim to have seen the ghost of a young adult who hung himself when the building was used as a jail. The story claims that the mayors son was arrested for intoxication. Coming from a devote Mormon family he was said to be embarrassed about the disgrace that would befall upon his family he took his own life. Also several great evps have been caught as well as sightings of glowing balls of light. Footsteps and poltergeist like activity.




We found the following audio to be unexplained.

Odd voice we interpret as "hoooly".
Unexplained voice that we believe is saying "what the..."

Photographs taken at Hutchings Museum.

One of the many native american artifacts found at this amazing museum. Located at the top-left corner of this image is a snake-like light anomoly. This is in the mineral room. Jail Cell.
Mineral Room

Staff working area during a EVP session.

From right to left: Ben, Steven, Jared (hiding)



no video taken during this investigation