Date: 06/02/2012 location: Santaquin, UT Time: 9pm-3am
Leslie Family Tree

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Leslie’s Family Tree consists of two buildings that sit side by side. The building to the east which houses the restaurant is the younger of the two buildings. It was constructed by Wayne and Nan Smith in 1974. It acted as a sporting goods store and as the town's post office. In 1985 Wayne passed away leaving Nan to run the business solely. Nans dream was to have a restaurant that served home cooked style foods. In 1986 that dream took flight when she opened the Family Tree Restaurant. Today, that restaurant still stands under the name Leslies Family Tree ran by Nan’s daughter Leslie and her daughter Bobbie. It continues to serve homestyle foods and famous freshly made hot scones to the people of Santaquin.

The building to the west is a lot older. Although we could find little of its history we do know that it has been around for more than a hundred years. It has acted as a bomb shelter, an illegal gambling venue and a local bar. The building today acts as the restaurant's kitchen and storage facility.



The building has a few Ghost stories.

Lady in Blue

An apparition of a Lady wearing what appears to be a blue nightgown has been seen wandering outside. The story states that she was a nearby resident that was involved in an automobile accident. That claimed the life of her son as well as her own. In the show Dead Files Amy claims that she is in her death state.


There has been sighting of a little boy with dark black hair in a bowl cut. The Boy at one point reportedly followed one of the employees home. No one knows of his true identity, could he be the boy who died in the car crash or that of a boy named Henry who died in a nearby water drainage system.

The Bar Ghost

The most active spirit in the building. Several employees as well as visiting paranormal groups have seen or had an encounter with it. Nan claims the spirit to be that of a local drunk who was a regular patron of the bar. Nan said that he would often visit the bar but would never buy a drop. Instead opting for his own stash.

The Dark Entity

In the show Amy talks of an entity that hangs out near the unfinished restrooms on the barside or down in the bomb shelter. As being that of a gremlin. Staff however think it could be that of a man named Henry who use to serve coffee at the bar. Rumors say that he was mad when Nan turned the building next door into a restaurant. EVPs have been supposedly caught saying that he wants to burn the building down.

The Indian Curse

This account comes directly from the TV show. Amy claims that the land is cursed by a strong Indian ritual and that the spirits of the dead are trapped here. She claims that close to 60 spirits in all are at the location.

Poltergeist Activity

There has been everything from chairs being moved and stacked on tables. To highchairs being tipped over. One of the more recent and common activities is that of the bathroom doors opening and closing by themselves.


The team was excited about this location. It seemed Leslie’s Family Tree had fallen under our radar. Voted in the top ten haunted places in Utah. The restaurant had slipped past our gaze until the airing of Travel Channels The Dead files which featured the restaurant. The location seemed packed with entities and from Stevens accounts the food wasn’t bad either.

The food was indeed good and with full stomachs we began setup. The group was large so we split of into three teams. Wendy would get her first shot at leading a team. Jared would lead team B and Brad team C. Each team took turns investigating each building and outside. Brads team headed outside while Jared’s team took the diner and Wendys the old bar. After 40 mins each team would rotate.

Team A.  Wendy, Jenn and guest Lisa as well as host Bobbie and her son
Team B   Jared, Jordan and Steven
Team C   Brad, Ashley, Jordan and Dave

Tests and Activities Performed.

EVP session, Knock responses, Dowsing rods, EMF session and Spirit Box

Set Ups

Stationary IR Cameras, Laser Grids, EMF and Temperature readings


The night had its ups and downs. Each group had some sort of experience though nothing too out of the ordinary. With all the rumours and stories its a location that surprisingly had very little happen. It is a venue that we are eager to visit again stay tuned for our next visit. As for now the verdict remains undecided on its claims to be haunted.


Listening to EVPs with headphones is recommended.

In the basement setting up for an EVP session we hear this after Ashley talks. We believe it could be saying "shine it on me".
From the spiritbox you hear a couple rude comments. Including "jerk" and "prick". This is our last EVP session for the night due to the response we start getting from the spiritbox.
A few minutes after we received a few name calls from the spiritbox we start to get told to leave.
After being told to leave we start packing up our equipment. We continue to get told to "leave" and to "get up, and leave".

Pictures taken at Leslie Family Tree