Date: 06/02/2012 location: Santaquin, UT Time: 9pm-3am
Leslie Family Tree




I loved this location. I believe I saw a shadow figure of a young boy in the dining area. What I saw was a smaller framed entity approximately 3 ½ feet tall with short hair. My group was unable to debunk what I saw. We also captured some amazing EVP from the spiritbox. Because of this evidence I personally believe this place to be haunted.


The food was great if I lived closer I would be going there all the time. Throughout the night my team had individual experiences Brads being one of the highlights. For myself though it was a quiet night. The only thing I could report on that was unusual was the feeling I had when sat alone upstairs outside the bathroom. I do not scare easily and for that reason I have been in some creepy places alone. But for some reason I felt really uneasy and a feeling of being watched. Does it make the family tree haunted? No but it will be a location I look forward to returning too.


I didn’t have any crazy experiences here except that cool picture of whatever it was behind me that was debunked and when we had the light show in that back room that used to be a bar and some of the lights would come in and out.


I had a great time at the Family Tree. We found a couple of good EVP. One of which called one of our investigators a “Fat Whore” while we were in the basement playing cards, which I found extremely funny. We even have an EVP of somebody telling what card Dave was holding. At the moment I couldn’t tell if it had said “king” or “three” but later audio review confirmed it had said “three” which was the exact card Dave was holding. I had no knowledge of what the card was. The night was fairly quiet for me, I wasn’t around when people claimed to have felt the room shake, but regardless it was a nice time with a couple of gems.


This investigation was pretty cool. I found in the bar and pool area, a heaviness and I couldn't breathe. It was like I had to keep drinking water to even talk. I didn’t feel it anywhere else, just in that room, so I had to keep walking out, to get my breath. I felt a heaviness in the basement, that I didn’t feel comfortable with, so I didn’t investigate down there, after the initial walk through and picture taking.