Date: 11/22/2011 location: Ogden, UT Time: 7pm-12pm
Ogden Union Station


The station was originally built in 1869 with donated money from the LDS prophet Bringham Young. This wood-framed building lasted until 1889 when it was rebuilt using stone. There it remained until 1923 until it suffered major fire damage apparently caused from an unattended iron that was left on. It was not until a large stone of the deteriorating clock tower fell and killed a railway clerk that the building was demolished and rebuilt to what it is today. In 1924 the building was opened back to the public and remained a train station until the late 70’s. Today the building is used for a museum.

Over the years the station has been visited by all walks of life and was a stop for many “A-list” Hollywood stars back when riding trains was considered the high life. It also was involved in one of Utah’s most tragic events, what is known as the Bagley Trai Disaster. December 31st 1944, a mail train plowed into the back of a passenger train killing 48 and injuring 79. The trains, which on most occasions, were joined as one were separated by a gap of 20 minutes when they left the city of Chicago. The passenger train left first with the mail train following. Due to fog in Ogden, the lead train (passenger) reduced its speed, and unfortunately the mail train behind was not made aware and continued at full speed until it was too late. The bodies were transferred to the Ogden Station as a temporary morgue until the bodies were identified and shipped to loved ones for burial.


Reports of the building being haunted have been around for years. It is said that a woman walks the hallways upstairs and will only adress males. Also children have been heard playing, ghostly footsteps, large bangs and even reports of poltergeist activities.


We arrived just in time to be greated by the night watchman and soon began our initial setup and walkthrough. The building was large but due to this being are first time only certain areas where made available to us (basement excluded). So with that said we basically had two main areas to investigate; the upper floor consisting of a offices, a large corridor and a ballroom and the lower floor that had the grand hall and waiting areas. We initially split into three groups but due to Tracey and Janel leaving early we reformed into two squads. Group one consisted of Jared, Jordan and Steven who spent their time conducting EVP sessions and taking photographs. Group two was formed by Dave, Wendy, Jenn and Brad who did dowsing rod tests and EVP sessions.



Listening to EVPs with headphones is recommended.

"come back to you"
"I'm sorry"

Pictures taken at Ogden Union Station

No video was taken during this investigation