Date: 11/22/2011 location: Ogden, UT Time: 7pm-12pm
Ogden Union Station




I took the opportunity to conduct a dowsing rod experiment where we would test a common theory that in order to have the rods be manipulated by spirits they must be held by a person. The idea is that spirits are able to use the holder’s energy into making the dowsing rods move. We would test this theory by conducting two experiments. First we would have Dave hold the rods and ask yes or no questions. We asked that the rods cross (form a X) for a yes response and to spread apart (form a V) for a no response. After approx. 10 questions where I felt that we were getting consistent responses we were ready for the second test. We put the rods into a copper stand and sat down a few feet away making sure not to touch the stand and asked more questions. After twenty minutes of asking questions with no response we concluded that that either the spirit was no longer there or that direct human interaction is necessary to be able to communicate with the dead using dowsing rods.

During the last half hour of the investigation I was able to conduct a solo EVP session upstairs while the rest of the group went down stairs. While by myself, I do believe I heard a male voice that I couldn’t make out. I quickly verified that I was the only one on this floor. Although I was recording audio this voice did not get picked up on my recorder.