Date: 11/05/2011 location: Provo, UT Time: 7pm-12pm
The Old County Jail


The jail was built in the early 1970’s and acted as a prison until 1998 when all of the inmates were moved to a newer facility. It has housed a wide range of inmates from short sentences to death row. It is rumored to have house Gary Gilmore who gained international notoriety for demanding his own execution (by firing squad) after being convicted of murder.


Reports suggest sightings of shadow figures, ghostly footsteps, phantom noises and the feeling of being watched. One report that stands out is that of British actor Luke Goss who shot a film named "The Inside" he was quoted as saying ”The basement in this place is quite heavily haunted. We’ve had lots of haunted activity, apparitions and banging. And one of the production designers was alone and literally heard 15 bangs, then it stopped, nothing. I hadn’t been there yet, and I was like, ‘You know what, this story is already too intense.’ We were shooting a scary movie in an already haunted prison!”
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We arrived at the jail right after sunset eager to start our investigation. During our initial walkthrough we noticed how truly large and maze-like this building really is. The building was overall in bad shape as there was water damage in nearly all areas of the building. This helped contribute to the overall creepy vibe that we had during this investigation.

We split into two groups each taking turns exploring the basement and lower floor.We spent most of our time conducting EVP sessions, flashlight and dowsing rod tests in the various cell blocks, the lethal injection room and kitchen.



EVP was especially hard to listen for due to the constant dripping of water. Listening to EVP with headphones is recommended.

Warning! EVP captured contains adult language.
Jen is trying to confirm that the spirit we are communicating with is not married. We get this response. We believe it is saying "F*$% You."
During a dowsing rod experiment we captured this EVP saying "cross the rods."

Photographs taken at the old County Jail.

Kitchen. cell block cell block 4.