Date: 11/05/2011 location: Provo, UT Time: 7pm-12pm
The Old County Jail




During our initial walk around I heard voices out of cell block 4. What I heard sounded like a conversation between two males directly in front of me. During the rest of the investigation I continued to hear faint voices some of which were captured on our audio recorders. Another thing that stands out about this investigation was the dowsing rod tests we performed. We got some really good results!


I'm still in awe over how active the night was. My team had lots of different experiences the one for me that stood out was the constant chatter of voices. Brad, Jordan and I were upstairs in the jail cell performing an EVP session in the most north jail cell when out of nowhere we heard large amounts of chatter coming from the other side of the cell. It was as clear as day which set us a little off guard. Looking back it's quite funny because we all froze for a couple of second before realizing we need to get around there fast. Jordan and I quickly made it onto the other side to find no one or the sound of voices. What makes the experience even more interesting is the fact of how loud you needed to have talked in order for us to hear. We tried to recreate the noise and it took several loud shouts for Brad to hear.


Wow! Now I’m spoiled! This was my very first investigation and it was the Best one EVER! You could “feel” the presence of people there. It was heavy, you knew someone was following you. It was crazy! We had the best dousing rod experiences throughout the jail. The best ones were down in the cell area, where whoever was talking to us (via the rods) would not answer us, unless my daughter Jenn would ask the questions. “IT” pointed to her, when we asked “do you want someone else to ask you the questions”? and he pointed the rods to Jenn. It Freaked her out, so we shuffled people around and said “now Who do you want to ask the questions”? and again, the rods pointed to her! We had quite a long session with the “rapist” in the cell. Very good investigation. All of us had experiences. We even had the EMF lights go off!” (the one and only time so far)