Date: 1/9/15-1/10/15 location: confidential Time: 24 hours
Private Investigation

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We were contacted through our facebook page from a concerned client who has been experiencing activity within the home. Brad met with the client the night before to discuss claims, take baseline readings, and conduct a mini-investigation in preparation for the next night. It was from that discussion that we decided to only bring four investigators to the home.


During renovations of the home construction workers experienced seeing an apparition of a man, and a possible claim of being touched. Past tenants also claimed to have seen this man.

Residence of the property also claim to hear the sounds of children, and the feeling of being watched.


Equipment Used

4 Infrared DVR Cameras (To be placed in key areas)
4 Digital Recorders
EMF Detector
Spirit Box
Dowsing Rod
Laser Grid

pre-investigation (day before the investigation)

Brad met with the client to discuss the hauntings in the home and went over how UPR investigates. The main goal was to gather essential information that could help the next night’s investigation. In order to accomplish this goal Brad decided to spend the night and try to make contact with the inhabited entities. Throughout the night Brad focused his attention on trying to get the names of the entities and the reason why they were at this home while documenting baseline readings and potential hotspots. At 2 AM Brad wrapped up his EVP sessions and went over his findings.

7pm to 9pm (day of investigation)

We went straight to work setting up cameras in the identified hotspots from the night before, taking baseline readings, mapping out the floor layout with notes indicating where possible temperature fluctuations could occur from windows and air vents. We also made note of natural noise including road noise for future evp review. It was then determined that the group would split into two small teams: Wendy would pair with Jenn and Brad would pair with Dave.

8pm to 9pm

Dave and Brad

Investigated the basement trying to contact the entity whose voice was captured the night before.

Wendy and Jenn

Upstairs bedroom conducted EVP as well as dowsing rods trying to connect with male spirit seen by construction crew and past tenants.

9pm to 10pm

Brad and Dave

Conducted EVP sessions, dowsing rod test, spirit box sessions including a Occulus session.

Wendy and Jenn

Conducted EVP sessions, asking specific questions, as well as dowsing rod test in basement bedroom.

10pm to 11pm

Brad, Dave, Wendy and Jenn

Conducted a spirit box session and a dowsing rod session

Event = The dowsing rod test which earlier in the night was unfruitful turned interesting. In response to a series of question we were able to determine sex, age, year of death, name and cause of death.

Event = On arrival back to the command center of the investigation team members Brad and Dave witnessed a flash of light on a live DVR feed.

11pm to close


Viewed live camera feed

Wendy and Jenn

EVP session in upstairs kitchen with the Spirit Box, trying to gather more information concerning the entity we encountered during the dowsing rod session.


Conducted a EVP session geared towards gathering further information concerning the entity we encountered during the dowsing rod session.



On review of our audio recordings we found several EVP. Please take a listen with headphones.

After the question "Are you stuck?" we hear "yeah".
we ask for the entity to give us its name. We hear through the spirit box the name "Eric".
"I'm trying to hear them" can be heard in this clip.
After asking "How old are you" we hear a response though the spirit box.
"I'm holding that" can be heard in this audio clip.
At the end of the clip you can clearly hear the name "Kevin"

On review of our DVR recordings we did capture an orb moving and upon reaching the stairs flashes. Over the years of investigating we have yet to encounter something like this. We have ruled out dust particles from previous test.

Further analysis and research into the name of entity found during the dowsing rod tests were inconclusive. No direct name matches could be found in the county records but the death year did match the exact date in which one of the homes was built, which was unknown to the client