Date: 1/9/15-1/10/15 location: confidential Time: 24 hours
Private Investigation




It was an interesting night. The Dowsing rod session though still skeptical provided some interesting responses which I look forward to doing some research on. I also would like to review the flash of light that both Brad and I saw in the live DVR feed. Other than those experiences the night was quiet.


I spent a lot of time investigating this property including an all night investigation by myself. We captured some compelling EVP as well as an interesting piece of video.What I will remember most about this investigation was our dowsing rod test that allowed us to communicate with a spirit that needed help crossing over. After reviewing the evidence found during this investigation I can only conclude that this home was in fact haunted. I say was because we brought in a medium to connect with the spirits and help them move on, which i believe was successful.


It was a great investigation. Jenn and I were teamed together for most of the night, and it just goes to show, when you think you are getting are getting everything! We had a great night for EVP’s as well as one of the best dowsing rod Q&A we have had in a long time. I think if there wasn’t so much road noise, we could have gotten even more “provable” EVP’s but needed to throw out, erring on the side of caution! What a great re-visit!