Date: 09/19/2015 location: Bear River City Time: 9pm - 1am
Private Investigation

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Utah Paranormal Research (UPR) was contacted via Facebook by a concerned family to help validate the family’s paranormal experiences while living in their home in Bear River City. On September 19, 2015 UPR members Brad, Dave and Miriam investigated the property in an attempt to document this paranormal activity. Bear River City is a historical city where its original settlers experienced many hardaces including devistatingly harsh weather and deadly run-ins with native americans. Could spirits of these original settlers be causing this unexplainable events inside this home?


The client had experienced multiple unexplained activities during the decade stay in the home. The family reported hearing footsteps, doors opening and closing, toys turning on by themselves, smells of manure, children seeing and talking to ghosts and even beds being lifted off the floor.


Equipment Used

3 Infrared DVR Cameras (To be placed in key areas)
Digital Recorders
EMF Detectors
Spirit Box
Dowsing Rod

The first EVP session was held in the upstairs hallway where we attempted to make initial contact with any spirits in the home, specifically the entity seen by the little girl.. We did not capture any EVP during this session but we did hear some possible movement coming from outside. Brad went out to investigate what could have caused these sounds and concluded that it could have come from an animal. Our next EVP session was in the nursery upstairs where we did not capture anything abnormal.

Up to this point we had not experienced any paranormal activity upstairs so we decided to investigate the downstairs area. Because the entity downstairs has been known to move objects (lifting the bed off the ground!) we thought that using dowsing rods to communicate with the spirit might be the best approach to communicate. It turns out we were correct. We immediately started getting responses to our questions through the dowsing rods, some of the best results we have ever gotten in any of our previous investigations. Half way through our session Dave and Brad both hear a girl’s voice coming from outside saying “mommy” . Brad went out to investigate this sound and did not find any of the neighbors outside at the time. He did note that a few of the neighbor’s house lights were on and it was possible that the voice we heard could have come from the neighbors. Wendy contacted her neighbors and was able to verify that their neighbor’s grandchildren had left their home at approximately 9 pm which rules out that possibility of contamination as we didn't start our dowsing rod session until 9:50 pm. Our audio recorders did pick up the girl’s voice. This dowsing rod session was filmed and will be provided with this document as well as the audio clip of the child saying mommy.

Our next session was in the living room where we started trying to communicate using the spirit box. We had a few interesting things happen during this session. The first thing we captured was a female voice saying “help me”. What we liked about this clip was that it is very clear and this was the only time during the entire investigation where we heard this kind of sound. We also started getting responses from the Ovilus to a point where we felt like an entity was trying to use that device to communicate with us but hadn’t quite figured out how to use it. We decided to keep the Ovilus on for the rest of the investigation so that the entity could continue to learn the device and perhaps communicate with us through it.

Because of the great dowsing rod session we had in the master bedroom we decided to use them again in the upstairs hall. After about eight minutes of no activity with the rods Dave gets the idea and asks the spirits to use the rods to point in the direction they would like Dave to go. Dave stood next to each room upstairs and asks for the rods to cross if they want him to investigate in that room. After asking that question in each doorway and having the rods not cross Dave finally feels the rods move and points him back the way he came eventually leading him downstairs and into the kitchen.

When we entered the kitchen Dave asks for the rods to cross if we are in the correct spot and the rods do infact cross. Immediately after we hear a loud bang noise near the table. We ask if that was them making the noise and again the rods cross to indicate a yes response. We settled down at the table and conducted the rest of our dowsing rod session there which produced fantastic results.

Our next EVP session was taken in the backyard. We had heard a few sounds coming from outside throughout the night so we went to check them out. We did not capture any paranormal activity during that session. We did note that it was pretty quiet, with a slight breeze and an occasional car passing upfront.

The rest of our investigation was conducted with the family present. We conducted another dowsing rod test upstairs in the first bedroom followed by a spirit box test in the nursery. The dowsing rod test was again successful and produced us invaluable information regarding the spirits who reside at this home. The spirit box test in the nursery also provided us some insight as to what resides upstairs as we got a response to the question “how many of you are here?”



On review of our audio recordings we found several EVP. Please take a listen with headphones.

During a spiritbox session we captured this voice saying "help me"
During a dowsing rod session we asked for the name of the spirit that was communicating.We asked for it to cross the rods when we said the first letter in its name. When Brad says 'T' the dowsing rods cross and we captured this EVP saying "Tim O'Hara"
During a spiritbox session in the nursery we asked how many spirits were here with us. Instead of saying a number we captured three different voices saying "I'm Here"

video .