Date: 09/19/2015 location: Bear River City Time: 9pm - 1am
Private Investigation




Every investigation is unique, some leave you questioning whether the location is haunted or not. This was not the case for me as there is no doubt in my mind that this home has spirit activity. I feel that we had direct spirit communication using the dowsing rods as well as capturing, for the first time ever in UPR history, a full name EVP response. I also, for the first time, felt like a entity was using the Ovilus to communicate with us. I hope that we have captured enough paranormal activity to help validate the families experiences and by communicating with the entities at the home helped bring some closure to them and perhaps moved them on.


After initial setup of the equipment we decided that each person would conduct their own individual 5 minute EVP session in separate areas of the home. I went upstairs and sat under the window at the end of the hall. I didn’t ask any questions - just wanted to sit in silence and get a general feel of the home. I found the upstairs area to be a little unnerving. It seemed to be darker - both physically and figuratively - than any other area of the home.

Another point of the evening that really stood out to me was while we conducting the dowsing rod session in the master bedroom. Though Dave was the one holding the rods, I felt like I was getting a sense for who was controlling them. It was almost comical as Dave and I both got the idea that two different people were almost bickering over who was going to “speak” to us through the rods. I almost had a visual of an elderly couple not quite arguing over it.

The dowsing rod session in the kitchen also stands out to me. We had the Ovilus sitting on the table while we were asking questions. It was as if whoever was communicating with us wanted to give us a little heads up each time they were going to respond through the Ovilus. Both rods would point directly at the machine immediately prior to each Ovilus response. This just validated for me that someone was actually trying very hard to speak with us - using two methods at once, which is almost unheard of.

My overall personal feelings of this home are that there is definitely a lot of activity there. I don’t doubt for a second any of the claims that were relayed to us by the clients. I personally don’t think there is anything “harmful” in the home, though it may be a little unsettling from time to time.