Date: 01/28/2012 location: Tooele, UT Time: 8pm-3am
Tooele Hospital



The hospital was built in 1873 by Samuel F. Lee as a place for himself and his family to live. By 1913 the Lee family had moved out. The county then decided to turn the Lee residence into a home for the elderly who need special care and supervision. It was named by the locals as "County Poor House" and was eventually considered to become a hospital. However it wasn't until 1953 before it became "The New Tooele Hospital". Minor adjustments were made to ensure medical care could be provided to the patients that visited for care. The hospital was seen by the locals as a much more attractive hospital than the old Tooele hospital as the old hospital had no individual restrooms. Unfortunately there was no location identified as a morgue so the hospital designated a room for the dead. There could be long periods of time where the dead could stack up as it was on time permitting for the local mortuary to pick them up. Eventually Tooele built a state of the art hospital and the hospital was closed in 2000. Shortly after its closure the building was converted to a center for the elderly.


EVP, apparitions, possessions, scratching, and phantom noises suggest this hospital to house many spirits and demonic beings.

A list of spirits thought to haunt this location includes
Samuel F Lee. The founder is claimed to still walk the halls.
Thomas Lee. The founders son who is aged between 6-8 is meant to be the most active of all spirits and enjoys playing with guests.
Maria.Is a highly interesting spirit. The psychic claims she was a nurse and currently guards the portal. The portal is said to be the gateway for spirits to cross over, and with the Tooele graveyard so close she is meant to be very active. A EVP was recorded where she informs them of the "Otherside" and "A area they should not go to"
Wes MinerThe most visible of all spirits. The psychic claims he is an 86 year old man who suffered from Alzheimers a condition that continues to burden him in the afterlife. He is know to stay in the room that was assigned him in his life. A medium who visited tried to help him cross over however it is claimed he is held back by a very dark entity.
Dark Entity Many believe this to be the shadow man that is often seen and not to be of human origin. It is reported that it paces outside Wes's room. It has also been known to attack guest, workers and give a feeling of gloom.
Peter HansfordA medium made contact with Peter for a short period of time before he left several EVPs have been captured with the ghost answering to the question of "who's with us?" to which "Peter Hansford" is replied.
Jessica A little girl who has been seen, photographed and caught on EVPs. A Medium also mentioned that there where other spirits there named Richard, James and Ned.


This was the first investigation for the group but the second for many of our team members. Kim the owner met us at the door and welcomed us in. He was kind enough to let us have free roam of the building without any members of his staff present.

Having visited the building before most of us knew the layout well and also the buildings hotspots so we split off into three teams. Wendy would lead the all girl team. Jared would take his usual crew and Brad led his. The building is large but noise travels through many of the walls. So we had one team stay in the base camp while the others took each side. Again after about 40 minutes we would rotate.

Team A  Wendy, Jenn and Lisa Team B  Jared, Jordan and Steven Team C  Brad, Ashley, Jordan and Dave

Test and Activities Performed

EVP sessions, Knock Tests and EMF tests


Stationary IR Camera, EMF and Temperature readings



Listening to EVPs with headphones is recommended.

"that's loud"
A evp is captured saying "Girls Are Loud" in response to Wendy & Jen having a conversation in the lobby.
A rude comment by Brad resulted in this EVP from the spirit box

Pictures taken at the Tooele Hospital