Date: 06/09/2012 location: Logan, UT Time: 9pm-1am
Whittier Community Center

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The building was built in 1908 as a schoolhouse and continued to educate children until 1992 when it became the Whittier Community Center. In 2000 the Whittier School was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We were unable to find any documented cases of deaths happening in the building to help support the claim of paranormal activity. One theory, however, as to why there may be paranormal activity is the possibility of visiting spirits that use to work at the school.



We have gotten all our claims from IPR, Internmountain Paranormal Research. Claims consist of being touched, seeing a white mist, hearing footsteps , bangs and EVP.

there is one spirit in particular that roams the hallways.

Edith Bowen

Edith Bowen was practicing principal between 1932-1936. Her spirit is thought to frequently visit the Whittier Community Center to help check up on the patrons that go there.


We arrived at The Whittier Community Center eager to start our investigation. we were happy to be greeted by our host Sara Argyle who gave us a tour and history of the building as well as stayed for the remainder of the investigation. We took baseline readings (EMF sweep) and photos then quickly broke into two teams.

Team A.  Brad, Dave, IPR members
Team B   Jared, Steven, IPR members

The two teams investigated the hallways, classrooms and auditorium for a few hours then meet back for a group EVP session in the main lobby. The night went smooth without any hiccups and we appreciate the hospitality shown by IPR.

Tests and Activities Performed.

EVP session, Knock responses,EMF session and Spirit Box

Set Ups

Stationary IR Cameras, Laser Grids, EMF and Temperature readings


Although we captured hours of audio and video we were unable to document any paranormal activity. We did have some personal experiences.

Pictures taken at the Whittier Center