Fort Douglas


*warning contains vulgar language
After speaking some German we get this response.

Hutchings Museum


Odd voice we interpret as "hoooly".
Unexplained voice that we believe is saying "what the..."

Ogden Union Station


"come back to you"
"I'm sorry"

Old County Jail


Warning! EVP captured contains adult language.
Jen is trying to confirm that the spirit we are communicating with is not married. We get this response. We believe it is saying "F*$% You."
During an Dowsing Rod Experiment we capture this EVP saying "cross the rods."

Tooele Hospital


"that's loud"
A evp is captured saying "Girls Are Loud" in response to Wendy & Jen having a conversation in the lobby.
A rude comment by Brad resulted in this EVP from the spirit box

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