Date: 10/21/2011 location: SLC, UT Time: 8pm-11pm
The Fort Douglas Museum




What I remember most from this investigation was the loud "knocks' and "bangs" that was coming from the roof in building one. Also, this was the first investigation with my brother Jordan. I had mixed feelings about him starting to investigate with us (I'm protective) but Jordan learned quickly and conducted a safe investigation.


I was down in the historical guard quarters, by myself--I know a rookie mistake, setting up a stationary recording devise to capture some EVPs. I had set up the recorder and was leaving the room when I heard a voice. I turned to see what had made the noise and I believe I saw an arm pull up into the ceiling. The best way to describe it was like hanging your arm over a top bunk bed then quickly pulling it in. As I said I was alone so it could have been nothing but we could not recreate the experience. It was a very neat experience and it reminded me the importance of the buddy system.


Fort Douglas was our first investigation as a team. While I didn’t have any extraordinary experiences, I was able to capture a couple of EVP during the investigation. The EVP which calls me a “mother f***er” was the most interesting. During that EVP session we were in the main building down in the far back room on the west side. I had been listening live through Logic Pro 9 as we were conducting our investigation. At the time of the EVP I had placed my headphones down as we started to speak other languages to try and get responses from POW soldiers who had died at the Fort. When I spoke German and said “Sprichst Du Deutsch?” do you speak German?(improperly actually) That’s when the EVP calling me a “mother f***er” occurred. I believe that whatever said that phrase had a problem with the Germans, and swore at me when I said that phrase. I speculate it may have been a WW2 veteran, or possibly just an angry individual. Whoever or whatever it was certainly did not like what I said. I discovered the EVP in reviewing my audio after the investigation.