Date: 10/21/2011 location: SLC, UT Time: 8pm-11pm
The Fort Douglas Museum


Fort Douglas is made up of two buildings built in 1875. Since their initial build they have served as a host of different services, ranging from barracks for military servicemen, a library, a post office, a storage unit and now a museum. Fort Douglas consists of two large buildings which hold an interesting collection of artifacts representing the men and women of Utah that fought in our nation’s various wars. In 2006 the boots of Saddam Hussein were held on display to represent the two Utah national guardsmen that captured him.


There have been claims of uneasiness, phantom footsteps and full body apparitions.


We arrived at Fort Douglas a little early to familiarize ourselves with the area. We were greeted by a museum staff member who agreed to supervise the building as we conducted our investigation. After a quick tour of the two buildings we began our investigation.

We split our nine investigators into two teams. One group had three, while the other had six. The teams investigated each building separately, switching buildings midway through the investigation. Finally, the investigation was concluded with both teams conjoining and conducting EVP sessions in various parts of the edifices.


Multiple members of UPR had personal experiences ranging from hearing knocks to seeing shadows. Click Here for more information about the investigator's personal experiences.

We also captured some interesting audio during our EVP sessions.


We found the following audio to be unexplained.

*warning contains vulgar language
After speaking some German we get this response.

Photographs of the location

Building B Main Conference Room Building B Basement Conference Room (Base Camp)


no video taken during this investigation