The belief that our existence continues in a life or form after this physical one.


Described by different religions as an entity of higher power often portrayed as a messenger of God.


A irregularity often noticed in photos, film and audio that does not have a known origin.


The act of a spirit manifesting a physical appearance. Apparitions are often partially see-through and can appear to be hovering over ground. Apparitions tend to only happen for a few moments.


In irish legend, a banshee is a fairy woman who will begin to wail when someone is about to die. Because of this a banshee is considered an omen of death.


Channeling is direct communication between a spirit and a medium. During channeling a spirit will pass information directly to a medium who can then relay the message.


An evil deity described differently by many religions.


Electromagnetic Field (EMF)

An evil deity described differently by many religions.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

Are unexplained anomalies in electronic devices usually in the form of speech. These “voices” captured have no known physical origin and although there are multiple theories as to their origin one of the most popular beliefs is that they come from spirits.


An act often performed by clergymen or priests to rid a being of a demonic presence.


A popular word to describe an entity that is no longer living. Commonly used to describe a apparition.

Ghost hunting

Term used for an individual or group of people looking to have a paranormal experience. Ghost hunting generally has a stigma of unprofessional behavior or where the ghost hunter(s) are there just for the thrill or experience. Paranormal teams tend to use the term paranormal investigating or paranormal researching instead of ghost hunting to convey a sense of professionalism.


The act of continual paranormal activity at a given location. Typically a haunting describes ghost sightings or interaction with ghosts but can also be used for other paranormal activity at a given location.


Is the way that the human brain connects points of interest into forming a larger picture often thought as imaginary. A good example of this is when you see faces in the clouds.


Person who has the ability to communicate with the dead through channeling.


A mist like smoke can sometimes be seen when spirits are about to or in the process of manifesting.


An anomaly generally caught on camera or film thought to be a spirit. Orbs tend to look like white balls of light with a “milky” core that may have additional color variations. There is a heated debate between orbs being spirits or just dust particles but the orbs caught that have little to no transparency and have the “milky” core tend to have more weight as paranormal proof among paranormal experts.

Ouija Board

A pre-printed board with letters, numerals, and words used to receive spirit communications. Typically a planchette is employed to spell out words and point out numbers or letters.


Refers to something out of the range of normal or scientific explanation.

Paranormal Investigating

The act of visiting a haunted location with the intention to prove/disprove or better understand the paranormal. The actual techniques used or actions performed during an investigation can differ greatly depending on the location and the reason the group is there.

Paranormal Research

The act of using a scientific method to conduct experiments to further the knowledge of the paranormal.


Refers to a person who claims to have the ability to talk to the dead and deceased. It can also be associated with people who claim to read your future often using tools such as crystals and tarot cards.


Is the manifestation of a destructive, noisy and disruptive entity. Most Poltergeist accounts involve noises and the moving of objects with no apparent cause.


A meeting held by a psychic or medium in which communication to the dead is achieved through channeling.

Utah Paranormal Research (UPR)

A paranormal team located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2011 UPR travels to haunted locations to help document paranormal activity in Utah.

White Noise

Is the combination of audio frequencies extending over a wide frequency range.

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