Brad Nebeker

A few years ago if you asked me if I believed in ghosts or even life after death I would have laughed in your face and said “NO” without giving it much thought. After watching many paranormal shows on television I decided to give it a shot. Not expecting much, my sister and I attended a public ghost hunt at Asylum 49. That night I was able to experience an awesome flashlight and dowsing rod test. Upon review of my audio I captured multiple unexplained voices. I literally turned from skeptic to believer overnight. Since that night, I have been lucky enough to experience many other paranormal events that have driven me to continue my paranormal research.

favorite piece of evidence:
*warning audio clip contains vulgar language*

This audio clip was taken during a public ghost hunt at Asylum 49. After you hear "he doesn't like me very much" a very clear "Mother F-er" can be heard. This EVP I captured on my first ghost hunt got me hooked on learning more about the paranormal.

David Hazel

Dave was born and raised in England, it was while out on vacation in 2004 that he met his future wife Meaghan. Only 6 months later the two where married. They have one daughter named Kylie and currently live in Riverton. Dave hobbies consist of his love for soccer either playing or attending Real Salt Lake and playing Xbox.

Dave has always been fasinated in the paranormal even from a very tender age. He recounts "My family all find it fitting that I belong to a paranormal group. My mum has told me many times of how one night I cried because my nightlight would not work. Like most Mums she tried to comfort me by informing me that there was nothing to be scared of. She of course was shocked when I replied I know Mum I just want to be see so I can find them" Dave claims his love really started for ghost and paranormal from bedtime stories instead of the traditinal stories Dave loved to be read storys on The Loch Ness, Bigfoot, The Mary Celest and many others. His first experiance of the paranormal happened at the age of seven or eight and he talks about it as though it was yesterday.

As for beliefs Dave was raised in a Christian home but today holds little of those belief patterns. "I believe that there is life after Death and in a supreme power, what that is I do not know nor can graspe. Which makes what I do even more fun. I hope that I can get that one peice of eveidance that will put my mind to rest, thats my overall goal"

Dave is the teams head historian. It is his responsability to collect historical facts of locations and to document each investigation. He also specializes in hauntings and demonology

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