Mission Statement

Utah Paranormal Research (UPR) is dedicated to the study and research of the paranormal. Anything that is mysterious or unexplained falls under the scope of research being conducted by UPR investigators. UPR is dedicated to the establishment and refinement of research tools and techniques of the paranormal, and consider this an important element in the mission of the organization. UPR is established upon principles of consideration and respect toward other organizations involved in the paranormal. All research and findings will be posted through the organization's website and other networks, except for information which may be held confidential at the request of private parties directly involved in any paranormal investigation.

Utah Paranormal Research will not charge for investigations, nor conduct any fundraising that does not fund organizational expenses. No individual person will make profit from the organization and all donations and fundraising proceeds will stay within the organization.

Utah Paranormal Research is dedicated to professionalism in research and investigations, and strives to provide a service that is considered superior within the paranormal community. Each investigator follows a strict code of conduct while investigating, as well as maintain high moral standards outside of organizational duties. Each team member is drug-free and has clean criminal history. We will never conduct an investigation under the influence of alcohol or prescription drugs.

Utah Paranormal Research strives to provide the most unbiased evidence regarding paranormal activity in locations investigated, but recognizes that personal bias is impossible to eliminate completely from an investigation. While the existence of paranormal phenomenon is disputable, UPR is dedicated to providing the best evidence regarding the existence, or lack of, paranormal phenomenon. UPR is not responsible for actions by others in relation to our services provided. While evidence gathered by UPR may possibly indicate whether or not paranormal activity is occurring, UPR is not responsible for the individual interpretation of data and evidence gathered.

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